In light of the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and other critical ecological concerns, the Green Festival intends to provide education, workshops and information sharing to better enable people to understand the issues of concern and to help them bring about the changes required.

All are welcome to join the Sustainability Working Group (on Facebook). If you are not on Facebook please contact us and we will try to find ways to keep you updated.

Stall holders are invited have a positive role in advancing the sustainability of the event & to follow guidance resulting from the discussion.

As a starter for the conversation, these are some existing policies:

  • No single use plastic is allowed. Please minimise other single-use packaging. Where necessary source biodegradable / compostable packaging and bags etc for your stall.
  • The Festival is ‘off-grid’ & no generators may be used.
  • The Festival is 100% Vegan; we ask stall holders not to bring items that contain meat, dairy, honey, eggs, fish or animal bi-products, (such as leather & wool), to the Festival.
  • Stall Holders must take reasonable steps to ensure that their stall, and the area around it, is kept free from litter. Litter should be periodically deposited in the appropriate litter, recycling or composting bins provided.

Please join the Sustainability Working Group (on Facebook) and discuss your ideas to ensure that the Green Festival continues to be the most sustainable free event in the UK.

Stallholders Sustainability Statements

Purple Pumpkin Patch

I have a local handmade shop in Loughborough encouraging people to buy locally made and therefore reducing the equivalent of “food miles” for gifts. I also use paper bags and with each item being handmade and one of a kind, we can reuse fabrics in our items without too many issues.

Global Justice Nottingham

Global Justice Now campaigns on climate change, and particularly climate justice, because climate change is hitting the poorest people in the poorest countries hardest, although they have done least to cause it. GJN recently organised a conference on Growth and Degrowth in London, as a response to climate change. Our stall may not have many materials directly targeting climate change this year, but other campaigns reference it. For example our newest campaign is to get rid of the corporate courts ISDS system in trade and investment deals. One of the reasons we think they are so harmful is that investment law in these courts overrides environmental laws.

Refugee Forum, Nottm & Notts

– will ensure there will be no single-use plastic on its stall
– will ask all its stall volunteers to travel to the Arboretum by public transport, cycle or walk if they can
– will ask all its stall volunteers to abide by the organisers Vegan only request regarding what they bring onto the site
– will aim to reduce litter in the first place, barring that, ensure any litter it produces will be re-cycled in the appropriate containers on-site.

Vork Pies, Pie Eyed Kitchen

I am a hundred percent vegan business, I use organic, untreated flour and organic ethically sourced coconut oil in my pastry and I do not use palm oil in any of my products. All my products are packaged in compostable or biodegradable packaging. If I have any pies left after an event I donate them to food banks, charities or community cafes such as Crocus Cafe and Tasty Tuesdays in Lenton. I use Ecotricity for my electricity. My online and courier packaging is made from recycled paper insulation and recyclable cardboard. I think about the waste I produce and try and limit this by thinking about the ingredients I buy and recycle as much as possible. I buy some items in bulk to limit waste and the amount of times I travel to collect some ingredients.

Nice Lolly Co (FABchocolats)

Whole fruit lollies handmade in Nottingham. 100% plant based & wrapped in biodegradable bags. High in fruit, low in unrefined cane sugar.

ExLibris, the Masked Booksellers tell us:

One of the main motivations for the ExLibris operation is to reduce waste. The books we sell are “rescued” – most of them would have gone to landfill, and our slogan is “Books rescued from landfill; landfill rescued from books”.
Beyond that, we use upcycled equipment wherever we can. Most of our shelving is donated by people who no longer have a use for it. We reuse old carrier bags and boxes. We make stuff out of old stuff. We are possibly the only stall to use a gazebo which has been mended by cobbling together two broken gazebos.
As far as energy is concerned, we use two vehicles – an electric Zoe and a low diesel consumption Bluemotion Polo. Our home (also our storage depot) has solar panels.
We also believe that people should have access to affordable books.  And we support good causes, not just registered charities, including sometimes environmental causes, such as the Green Festival itself, and Frack Free Notts.
Sustainability is always in our minds when we consider our plans. We believe that care of the earth is essential if the human race is to have a future, and we all have our part to play, especially in these frightening times. None of us can be perfect, but why not have a go at being the best you can.

Clemie’s Vegan Cakes is a vegan owned and run bakery. Clemie says:

At Clemie’s Vegan Cakes we aim to minimise our environmental impact as much as possible, by using both recyclable and compostable packaging.  We try to keep our manufacturing waste to a minimum and recycle as much as we can.

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In light of the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and other critical ecological concerns, the Green Festival intends to action education, workshops and information sharing to better enable people to understand the issues of concern and to help them bring about the changes required.