2019 Green Festival Review

We received many rave reviews about the event (please add yours) so Well Done Everyone! The rain held off until the volunteers were clearing up at 7pm, but it was all worth it.

Jungle Boogie at the Green Festival 2019
Food for the Future graffiti wall Green Festival 2019

Once again our incredible team threw themselves into building and bettering our Green Festival.

For the first time a group stepped forward to organise a Speakers Forum up at the Rose Garden, with an awesome line up to engage lively discussion & debate. The crowds were bursting out of the marquee.

“Great festival. Lots of happy people enjoying themselves. Lots of lovely food and No litter.”

Clean Stream Recycling at Green Festival 2019

With the expertise and enthusiasm of Sara from the Green Gathering, the event was once again litter free, with the bonus of increasing considerably the amount of litter diverted from the incinerator. Thanks to the stall holders who helped by separating their waste and keeping the area around their stalls tidy. It was noticeable to see that there were no single use plastic bottles – thank to the traders for supporting this policy. We  welcome you suggestions of further steps to be taken next year.

Proper mugs & plates anyone? The ‘Free Tea’ stall was very busy all day, (with proper mugs), with many donations to the funds. We were pleased to nurture a brand new caterer Abeyo Ethiopian Cuisine who, in return, helped us by trialing the use of proper plates – 60 were used and washed up by GreenFest volunteers.

Caterers were particularly busy – some selling out as soon as 3pm. We actually needed more caterers to replace those that didn’t make it, but our policy of giving past stall holders an extended opportunity to book left too little time to find replacements. Next time we will open up invitations to the many new applicants much sooner, so please ensure that your booking – including payment – is made promptly, so that you are not disappointed.  Emlyn got everyone through the gates so swiftly that stewards on site struggled with allocating stalls to their locations. We may actually need to slow down the arrivals process, by giving the earlier arrival slots to fewer stalls.
Big Up Myriam, Nice Lollys, who booked and paid on the day that the invitations were sent out, ensuring that she, and others that booked promptly, had the first arrivals slot.

Following concerns last year, much thought went into making the event more accessible for all. Although it was widely felt that there were more people attending it felt less congested and flowed well. This was helped by those stalls that set up a pace back from the pathways. We will encourage this again, though it may depend upon the grass being dry & firm.
Once again it was a brilliant Green Festival, in which we all played our part, although we are still stretched by the limited number of organisers and volunteers.
With no statutory funding, this free event, attracting and educating some 5000 people, is dependent on your time, money and support. Special thanks must go to Ex Libris, who donated their entire proceeds, and to others that made donations in addition to their stall fees. Further donations are welcome at https://nottmgreenfest.org.uk/fundraising/

A year on, we have even less time to share the skills and knowledge required to mitigate climate and environmental breakdown. The stalls, bands, performers & other activities make a valuable contribution in attracting people to the event to engage with groups working on these and related issues.

Your support in this ongoing journey is welcomed.
You will be invited to join us at a review / preview meeting & social at at a time & place to be confirmed.

For now it’s the opportunity to thank everyone for a job well done.
If you have pictures or news about the Green Festival please share it with @NottmGreenFest on Twitter & Facebook

best regards
Nottingham Green Festival