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The Green Festival celebrates the coming together of the Green community in Nottingham.
Here are our joint suggestions.
They span local and global themes, facts and stories, justice and law. Happy Festival!

Local Themes

Nottingham Green Festival. The Movie
Slideshow of photographs from previous years events – Alan Lodge [Tash]
YouTube Video 9 Aug 2018

Nottingham Green Festival : A Photo Zine
A zine of photographs from previous years events – Alan Lodge [Tash]

360 Instagram Video of the Nottingham Green Festival
Jan Temple.

The Quirky Environmentalist Blog Post – Nottingham Green Festival
For the first time Nottingham Green Festival had talks from various people from various disciplines talking about the future of our planet and local communities.
Izzy McLeod.

My Mate’s Band – Green EP
Performed at the Notts Green Festival 2019. Their new album, Green EP, holds so catchy environmental songs and 50% of all profits from merchandise and downloads will go towards Nottingham Green Festival.

Ratcliffe Power Station Trials 1
Nottinghamshire Police Operation Aeroscope: Nottingham Crown Court Case – Nov 2010 – Jan 2011 – Alan Lodge [Tash]

Ratcliffe Power Station Trials 1a
Nottinghamshire Police Operation Aeroscope: Nottingham Crown Court Case – 18 Jan 2011 – Alan Lodge [Tash]

Ratcliffe Power Station Trials 2
Nottinghamshire Police Operation Aeroscope: Nottingham Crown Court Case – Jan 2011 – Alan Lodge [Tash]

Nottinghack is a Nottingham based group for hackers, makers and crafty creatives. If you like to build, make & learn it’s for you. You’ll probably be interested in learning about and sharing knowledge of electronics, crafts, robotics, DIY, hardware hacking, photography, computing, prototyping, film making, animation, and other creative challenges and projects.

Critical Mass
Nottingham Facebook group is for participants of Notts Critical Mass,

Nottingham Cycling Chat
A place to chat about all things cycling in Nottingham, ask questions and share news.

Dr John Barton, Research Associate :: Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST)
Integration and Wind Power sections of the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST). He researches wind power and ways of accommodating variations in supply and demand of electricity in energy systems with increasing amounts of renewable generation.
[recent BBC interview on the progress of hydrogen technology industries in the east Midlands]

Zana Kentish Brade : NTU Showcase 2021 Student Spotlight
Student Spotlight featuring BArch (Hons) Architecture student, Zana Kentish Brade and her project Sustainable Farming Education.

Rescuing the Green New Deal, with Alan Simpson
Preventing cheap politics from sinking the planet… Alan discusses his pamphlet – a challenge to all who champion a visionary ‘New Deal’.

Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle
Action at Nottinghamshire Council County Hall, against the increasing use of incinerators, and the seeming lack of political will to encourage any meaningful change to combat this as well as the many other causes of climate change.

The hidden Nottingham street being turned into a ‘little arboretum’ by residents
Olimpia Zagnat, Nottingham Post. 27 December 2021

White Rose boss opens up on how popular Nottingham shop became a fashion chain
“We saw the impact of Aegis Trust in Rwanda which was incredibly meaningful and changing lives. We wanted to set up some form of charity shops to help make money.”
Caroline Barry, Nottingham Post. 4 April 2022

The Allerton Project
Researches the effects of different farming methods on wildlife and the environment, sharing results of our research through advisory and educational activities. This is undertaken on our 320 hectare demonstration farm based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Local Groups

Nottingham Energy Partnership
Introduced ‘Chilli Pepper Pledges’,to challenge our community and make a change in their lives which would have a positive impact on our carbon footprint.

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee
Offering advice, support and friendship to Nottingham’s refugees and asylum seekers

Postman of Nagasaki to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki days
A Nottingham CND member reviewed the book . YouTube Video 27 Jul 2020

Nottingham Inclosure Walk
A short film about the Nottingham Inclosure Walk, which should have taken place last Sunday. It goes around the inner city & through the Arboretum, Nottm’s first public park. A great history of the Inclosure Act 1854 & campaigns to keep our green spaces
Georgianna Scurfield. Vimeo video

V3 Power
Set up in 2006 and is based in Nottingham, UK and is a group of engineers and science educators. Our team has varied over the years but we are currently a two-person, part-time operation.

NTU Sustainable Learning
The Sustainable Development Goals. Nottingham Trent University

NTU Green Academy
Developing, facilitating and showcasing Education for Sustainable Development at NTU and beyond

Extinction Rebellion
We face floods, wildfires, extreme weather, crop failure, mass displacement and the breakdown of society. The time for denial is over. It is time to act

Cycling UK
Reallocating road space for cycling and walking helps move people around towns and cities, is proven to boost local businesses and will be vital for our economic and personal recovery.

We run campaigns. We meet with local politicians and decision-makers to push for a more cycle-friendly city. We organise events and socials. We are a voice for everyday cycling with the local media.

Nottingham Bikeworks
Anot-for-profit community interest company focused on recycling bikes, knowledge sharing and community support. Based in the heart of Nottingham city, we believe bikes are an affordable, healthy and sustainable way to travel.

Nottingham Climate Assembly
Nottingham Climate Assembly came together in June 2020 to explore the potential for a Citizens Assembly. Our activities aim to involve local residents in responding to environment issues. We all live in the Greater Nottingham area, but we know our steering group needs to be more diverse and we welcome advice and input from everyone

Playing a Key Role in the Nottingham Youth Climate Assembly
Liv Marshall Shares an Inspiring Message
Left Lion, Liv Marshall. 4 January 2023

Alan Simpson Blog

Some Solutions

Farmers hatch plan to return area the size of Dorset to wild nature
WildEast aims to convince farmers, councils and others across East Anglia to pledge land to wildlife
Guardian 14 July 2020

Vertical Farming Lab
Watch Professor Chungui Lu talk about the two vertical farm containers we have located at our Brackenhurst campus. YouTube Video 17 Apr 2020. [one or last years speakers]

Vertical farm crops donated to help feed the homeless in Nottinghamshire
Nottingham Trent University has donated all the produce from its vertical farm to help feed the homeless during the Covid-19 pandemic.

New vertical farms will tackle global food challenges
A next generation ‘vertical farming’ system is being developed which will address global food challenges by using hi-tech growing methods to produce high quantities of nutritious fresh crops all year round.
Nottingham Trent University
Intelligent Growth Solutions
Vertical farming research : Our system allows producers to grow close to consumers, minimising waste and reducing food miles. By using Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA), we can maintain precision control over plants, offering local communities varied, nutrient-rich produce all year round.

Vertical farming solutions
Sustainable and smart solutions to the mounting pressure of climate change and urbanisation on our existing global food supply chain. In their endeavour to find solutions, they became intrigued by technological advancements in agriculture, and landed on indoor farming as the next agricultural revolution.

73 Cows
3 Cows is the story of Jay Wilde, a beef farmer who battles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter. Feeling trapped within an industry he no longer believes in, Jay knows he must make a change and do what no other farmer from the UK has ever done before.
Alex Lockwood. Vimeo video

Black Lives Matter: the link between climate change and racial justice
In any crisis it is the poorest and most vulnerable that suffer the greatest impacts. What does Black Lives Matter have to do with climate change? Everything – Adelle Thomas and Rueanna Haynes outline the linkages between environmental justice and racial justice.
Adelle Thomas, Rueanna Haynes. 22 June 2020

Introduction to Gender and Climate Change
What is the connection and why is Gender and Climate Change important? Women commonly face higher risks and greater burdens from the impacts of climate change in situations of poverty, and the majority of the world’s poor are women.

Explained: World Water Crisis by VOX – short documentary
YouTube Video 17 Apr 2020

Okja – film on Netflix
How have we built a world where we don’t have enough of its most valuable resource? What happens when we run out? And what can we do to solve the problem now?
Trailer: YouTube Video 18 May 2017

Ashes to Honey (2010)
Documentary trailer: Although this is a fiction film, the narrative is very much a reflection of our current farming industry and disregard for both animal, and human, life for profitable gain. A tiny island in Japan is threated by a government approved nuclear power plant. This documentary shows the islanders self-sustaining lifestyle, the struggles against the nuclear power company and it also compares all this to Sweden’s renewable energy initiatives as an example by which other countries should follow.
YouTube Video 9 Aug 2011

Global Justice Now : Trade Justice
Trade has always been part of society and in itself it could be a good thing. But trade deals are no longer just about selling more goods to other countries. Instead, they are often about giving huge new powers to big business, affecting every aspect of society

How trade deals are fuelling climate breakdown
The US-UK trade deal isn’t just a threat to our food standards and public services, it’s also a threat to our world. The whole model of corporate globalisation that drives international trade today is a major cause of climate breakdown.

The Story of Plastic
THE STORY OF PLASTIC takes a sweeping look at the man-made crisis of plastic pollution and the worldwide effect it has on the health of our planet and the people who inhabit it. Spanning three continents, the film illustrates the ongoing catastrophe: fields full of garbage, veritable mountains of trash, rivers and seas clogged with waste, and skies choked with the poisonous emissions from plastic production and processing. Film Trailer

Seed : The untold story
Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind, these subtle flecks of life are the source of all existence. Like tiny time capsules, they contain the songs, sustenance, memories, and medicines of entire cultures. They feed us, clothe us, and provide the raw materials for our everyday lives. In a very real
sense, they are life itself.

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard
The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world.
YouTube Video. 13 Nov 2013

Podcast: Outrage and Optimism
If you want to know what the green vanguard of “the establishment” is doing, listen to interviews with influential shakers and movers here.

Podcast “Can we ensure the climate has a future after the corona crisis?
the podcast explores what a post-lockdown world might look like and how it will affect the climate. Why we need to treat the climate crisis as urgently as the Covid-19 pandemic? Why challenging the free market ideology and committing to universal public healthcare is essential, and what actions we can take to win a brighter, greener future.

Global Launch
To make progress on climate action we need to collaborate on a global scale – and your community has an important role to play. For any of you out there with big ideas, Countdown is a global green initiative for individuals, groups and business to host their own TEDx events, of any size on 10.10.2020 or afterwards.

George Monbiot on Why Capitalism Cannot Save Our Planet from Climate Change
Intelligence Squared hosted a climate change debate

Nemonte Nenquimo : This is my message to the western world – your civilisation is killing life on Earth
Guardian. 12 October 2020
We Indigenous people are fighting to save the Amazon, but the whole planet is in trouble because you do not respect it

Fat footprints by Anne Goodwin
A short story about a woman’s confused attempt to reduce her carbon footprint from the short story collection, on the theme of identity, Becoming Someone, published by Inspired Quill

The Helen Loewenstein Memorial Trust
HLMT makes grants to cover course-fees and essential study expenses for student midwives in Liberia who would not otherwise have sufficient funds to train to become qualified midwives.

Helen Loewenstein, Liberia and HLMT
This video about Helen Loewenstein, Liberia and the Helen Loewenstein Memorial Trust was compiled by HLMT trustees Stella Nickolay and Carol McCormick in June 2020.

The Guardian view on restoring lost rights of way: in search of beauty

Sea Ranger Service
The Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise that has pioneered a model which simultaneously creates social and environmental impact. It is on a mission to affect social-economic regeneration of coastal regions whilst improving conservation of the world’s oceans. Wietse van der Werf

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup
One of the world’s leading ocean cleanup non-profits. We help keep the oceans clean, protect vulnerable marine animals, provide free educational resources, research ocean pollution for policy change and support the development of innovative technologies.

Editorial, Guardian. 3 November 2020

Emergency on Planet Earth :: emergencyc4
News and analysis about the climate emergency on planet earth, run by the multi-award winning @channel4news

Sir David Attenborough on Climate and Security – United Nations Security Council
Briefing by Sir David Attenborough, English broadcaster and natural historian, on the Maintenance of international peace and security: Climate and Security, during the Security Council Open VTC.

Leaked documents reveal the fossil fuel and meat producing countries lobbying against climate action
Files show how Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and OPEC have pressed to water down a key UN scientific report
Lawrence Carter Crispin Dowler, ‘unearthed’ Greenpeace. 21 October 2021

Capturing the Anthropocene: Changing Depictions of the Climate Crisis
Magnum photographers discuss alternative approaches to communicating climate change
Magnum Photographers. Sim Chi Yin, Cristina de Middel and Jonas Bendiksen

A moment that changed me: the first time I foraged in a supermarket bin
A conversation about discarded pastries led to the bin dive that made me a food waste evangelist.
Guardian 22 Sept 2021

Farmers don’t have to contribute to the environmental crisis – we can solve it
As a farmer I produce meat and cheese from animals that graze in my orchard on diverse, carbon-sequestering grasslands
Jyoti Fernandes. Guardian 21 Oct 2021

Why There Is No Public Sense Of A Climate Crisis
Media Lens, 6 July 2022

AI-generated street transformations
Are you an activist, urban planner, or politician with a vision of creating safer, more people-friendly, liveable streets in your city?
The Climate Domesday Book
A speculative design project that explores contemporary questions related to the climate emergency.
The book is a hybrid print-digital device which uses a magic bookmark to read pages and trigger (via Bluetooth) an interaction: the playing of a video or audio on a nearby big screen. [Augmented Reality project].

People’s Plan for Nature
WWF, the National Trust and the RSPB. It is a unique, people-led collaboration to make our nature something we can all be proud of.

Coastal Risk Screening Tool
An interactive map showing areas threatened by sea level rise and coastal flooding. Combining the most advanced global model of coastal elevations with the latest projections for future flood levels

Law and the Environment

Can Lawyers Save The World?
Climate change litigation is already big news in the US and the number of environmental cases in our own courts could be about to increase.
Tom Heap asks what the law can do.
Costing the Earth BBC Radio 4 14 Oct 2010

European states ordered to respond to youth activists’ climate lawsuit
European court of human rights case could result in countries being bound to take greater action
Jonathan Watts, Guardian. 30 November 2020

International lawyers draft plan to criminalise ecosystem destruction
Plan to draw up legal definition of ‘ecocide’ attracts support from European countries and small island nations
Owen Bowcott. Guardian 30 November 2020

Global Witness
Investigations and advocacy for climate justice
Challenging abuses of power to protect human rights and secure the future of our planet

Stop Ecocide campaign
Our mission is to support the establishment of ecocide as an international crime, in order to forbid and prevent further devastation to life on Earth.

The Climate Action Tracker
The Climate Action Tracker is an independent scientific analysis that tracks government climate action and measures it against the globally agreed Paris Agreement aim of “holding warming well below 2°C.

The destruction of the Earth is a crime. It should be prosecuted
Businesses should be liable for the harm they do. Polly Higgins has launched a push to make ecocide an international crime.
George Monbiot. Guardian 28 March 2019

The law that could make climate change illegal
One of the most robust laws on climate change yet has been created in Denmark. Can legislation really make failing to act on climate change illegal? BBC Future Planet 8 July 2020

Client Earth
We use the power of law to bring about systemic change that protects life on earth.

Portuguese children sue 33 countries over climate change at European court
Ground-breaking crowdfunded case demands that states make more ambitious emissions cuts
Jonathan Watts. Guardian 3 Sep 2020

Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)
Media Release – Current global response insufficient; ‘Transformative changes’ needed to restore and protect nature; Opposition from vested interests can be overcome for public good

Air pollution caused girl’s death, coroner rules in landmark case
Ella Kissi-Debrah, who had severe asthma and lived near South Circular, died in February 2013
Sandra Laville, Guardian. 16 December 2020

These Kids Are Suing European Governments Because of the Climate Crisis
The young climate activists, aged from eight to 21 years old, appear to have judges from the European Court of Human Rights on their side.
Tristan Kennedy, Vice. 14 December 2020

The young people taking their countries to court over climate inaction
Children and young adults around the world are demanding action from governments on global heating and the ecological crisis
Guardian. 7 May 2021

Shell’s historic loss in The Hague is a turning point in the fight against big oil.
The oil giants that have helped drive the climate crisis are finally being forced to take responsibility for their actions.
Tessa Khan. Guardian. 1 June 2021

Legal experts worldwide draw up ‘historic’ definition of ecocide
Draft law is intended to prosecute offences against the environment
Haroon Siddique Legal affairs correspondent
Guardian, 22 Jun 2021

Protesters who blockaded London arms fair have convictions quashed
Supreme court ruling on disruption at ExCeL Centre in 2017 is hailed as an affirmation of right to protest
Haroon Siddique Legal affairs correspondent, Guardian. 25 Jun 2021
[Interesting what this might mean for the Police and Courts Bill #killthebill]

Supreme Court Judgement: Protesters who blockaded London arms fair have convictions quashed
Supreme court ruling on disruption at ExCeL Centre in 2017 : Director of Public Prosecutions (Respondent) v Ziegler and others (Appellants)
[2021] UKSC 23 On appeal from: [2019] EWHC 71 (Admin)

Lawyers for Nature
Lawyers for Nature is an organisation that aims to transform the relationship between nature and law, lawyers and the legal system.

World Weather Attribution
Since 2015 the World Weather Attribution (WWA) initiative has been conducting real-time attribution analysis of extreme weather events as they happen around the world. This provides the public, scientists and decision-makers with the means to make clear connections between greenhouse gas emissions and impactful extreme weather events, such as storms, floods, heatwaves and droughts.

Australian government must protect young people from climate crisis harm, court declares
Environment minister has 28 days to appeal historic ruling that carbon emissions from coalmine should not cause young people ‘personal injury or death’
Guardian. 8 July 2021

60 minute investivative documentary will attempt to find out who is polluting our rivers and why we’re not stopping them.
Presented by journalist George Monbiot, directed by The Age of Stupid’s Franny Armstrong and with live performances by Benjamin Zephaniah and Charlotte Church, Rivercide is both gutsy investigative journalism and ground-breaking filmmaking.
Spanner Films, 2021

Ecocide Law Resource Hub
A comprehensive resource hub providing a regularly updated collection of material relating to “ecocide” law, including definitions, history, published research, existing laws, and media coverage.
A joint project of the Stop Ecocide Foundation and the Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School of Law. We aim to provide access to information, action and scholarship on the use of international criminal law to protect the environment and the development of a new international crime of ecocide.

Stop Ecocide International (SEI)
SEI is the driving force behind, and central communications hub for, the growing global movement to make ecocide an international crime. Our core work is activating and developing global cross-sector support for this.

What is the IPCC and why is its new climate report different from others?
Climate expert group issues a report about every seven years, but this time the process was like no other. Humans have caused ‘unprecedented’ and ‘irreversible’ change to climate, scientists warn
Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent. Guardian. 9 August 2021

Pink table is no more : But can its supporters be charged with obstructing the highway?
Extinction Rebellion demonstration in London, for what Scotland Yard described as “a variety of offences”. What might those be? And does a recent ruling by the UK Supreme Court provide protestors with a defence?
Joshua Rozenberg. 24 Aug 2021

Extinction Rebellion eyes shift in tactics as police crack down on protests
Analysis: with latest action drawing smaller crowds and stunts quickly shut down, questions asked about how group can retain momentum
Damien Gayle and Damian Carrington. Guardian. 3 Sep 2021

Global Justice Now
We are a democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world. We mobilise people in the UK for change, and act in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south.

The Corporate Courts Climate Circus

YouTube. 24 Sept 2021
‘Corporate Courts vs The Climate’ day of action last Saturday – whether online or on the street! ‘Corporate Court Climate Circus’ walking tour in London, highlighting how fossil fuel companies are suing governments in corporate courts for $18bn over climate action.

Meet the Young Activist Suing the UK Government Over Climate Change
Daze Aghaji is one of a pair of activists taking the government to court for its inaction on the climate crisis. 21 October 2021

Introduction of the Climate Education Bill
Hansard – Debated on Tuesday 23 November 2021
Motion for leave to bring in a Bill (Standing Order No. 23)
Nadia Whittome MP (Nottingham East)
That leave be given to bring in a Bill to require matters relating to climate change and sustainability to be integrated throughout the curriculum in primary and secondary schools and included in vocational training courses; and for connected purposes.

Pupils present Climate Education Bill
Nadia Whittome, the youngest sitting MP in the UK Parliament, this week tabled a Ten Minute Rule Bill. A new climate education bill has been called for matters relating to climate change and sustainability to be integrated throughout the curriculum in primary and secondary schools and included in vocational training courses.
Ruby Harbour, The Ecologist. 25 November 2021

‘Face it head on’: Connecticut makes climate change studies compulsory
Enshrining the curriculum in law insulates the subject from budget cuts and culture wars related to the climate crisis
Guardian 17 December 2022

How to Sue a Government Over Climate Change
Gluing yourself to the road is one way to protest environmental collapse. Suing fossil fuel companies is another.
Helen Meriel Thomas, Vice. 26 January 2022

A federal judge canceled major oil and gas leases over climate change
A federal judge invalidated that sale in the Gulf of Mexico, saying the administration didn’t adequately consider the costs to the world’s climate.
National Public Radio (NPR), the public radio network of the United States. 28 January 2022

Can the law fight climate change?
Around the world environmentalists are taking governments and companies to court to fight climate change. Joshua Rozenberg explores how the law is evolving into a powerful activists’ tool.
Joshua Rozenberg, BBC Law in Action Podcast. March 2021

Lawyers for Nature
A Community Interest Company whose origins lie in the successful legal assistance given to a grassroots campaign to save thousands of street trees from being felled in Sheffield. We aim to democratise access to legal support for those seeking to defend the natural world.

Court orders UK government to explain how net zero policies will reach targets
Green activists brought challenge, arguing climate change strategy did not spell out how carbon emissions cuts would be achieved.
Damien Gayle, Guardian. 18 Jul 2022

Make ecocide an international crime and other legal ideas to help save the planet
Steven Donziger
Guardian 22 November 2022

UK wildlife campaigners call for legal right to access nature for all
Activists say one in three people in England cannot access green spaces, with the poorest most deprived
Helena Horton, Guardian. 21 Feb 2022

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